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990 Miles Long Range Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna For Urban and Rural Areas

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    Do you need a strong digital TV antenna to improve the quality of your grainy videos? Our Long Range Outdoor Tv Antenna is ideal for both urban and rural settings, significantly reducing the amount of noise and interference that traditional TV antennas and satellite dishes may introduce.

    The outside tv antenna, which is made of high-quality and long-lasting materials, is dependable enough to be installed on your roof all year. Every component of the outdoor HDTV antenna is extremely resistant to wind and rain, ensuring that you have an uninterrupted viewing experience every day.

    The outdoor tv antenna amplifier is also extremely simple to set up and install. Connect the 33-foot cable to your TV and begin watching your favorite shows and movies in high-definition!


    Long-Lasting: This outdoor HD antenna's high-quality material, combined with its sturdy build and advanced technology, makes it ideal for daily use and will last for years.

    Powerful - This digital TV antenna can receive signals from all directions. Its powerful receptive power can pick up signals from up to 990 miles away!

    Simple to Use - The outdoor antenna comes with everything you need to set it up both outdoors and indoors. Simply mount the amplified TV antenna on your roof, connect it to your indoor power supply, and connect it to your television set. That's all there is to it!



    1. Name: Long Range Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna
    2. Model: TA-001
    3. Frequency: VHF:45-230MHz / UHF:470-860MHz
    4. Gain: 15dBi/22dBi
    5. Impedance: 75 Ω
    6. Standing Wave Radio: <2.5
    7. Channel: UHF21-69 for Digital Signals
    8. Reception Range: 990 Miles
    9. Color: Black
    10. Dimensions: (28.66 x 27.75 x 18.79)"
    11. Material: Plastic & Aluminum
    12. Wire Length: 8m

    Package Includes:    

    1 x Antenna
    1 x Wire 8m    
    1 x Remote Control Set    
    1 x Manual

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    990 Miles Long Range Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna For Urban and Rural Areas

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