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Electric cupping therapy Massage device

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    The Electric cupping therapy massage device can control the airbag to push up and down the lumbar spine to help restore healthy physiological curvature. It also has magnetic therapy, vibration massage, heating, and multi-level pulse functions, and massages the waist from multiple angles, effectively helping to relieve back pain and fatigue. 
    This is the perfect gift for your family!!



    Negative Pressure Gravitation: Provide powerful sucking to your skin and adipose tissue to active lymph detoxification function and enhance blood circulation with a scraping effect.

    Thermal Energy: Proliferate the dermal collagen and relax your nerves by thermal effects, also can relieve body fatigue and release pressure by continuous constant 50℃ heat.


    EMS Micro-electric Stimulation: Stimulates the acupuncture points and peripheral sensory nerves by micro-current to reduce inflammation and swelling for quick recovery, also can help shrink pores and make the skin more delicate and effectively relieve from pressure, tiredness, and fatigue with extreme relaxing enjoyment.



    IR Light Therapy: Deliver red infrared light to enhance collective immunity and promote biological cell tissue to regenerate for improved body health, also will promote cell metabolism and blood circulation for cell activity enhancement and collagen regeneration, leaving your skin smooth and tender.



    Simple Operation: Quick access to button control and direct display indication on the panel, convenient to monitor the working status and instantly power on/off, adjust EMS and vacuum intensity levels and set heating & infrared light function to widely fit different body parts demands as desire with perfect comfort.



    Stable Power Supply: This can be directly powered by an AC power adapter(EU plug or US plug for options), practical to enjoy relaxing massaging anywhere and anytime, suitable for both home and travel use.

    Easy Grips: Ergonomic handle allows for secure and energy-saving holding comfort even after a long time of using.



    Multipurpose Applications: Can be widely used on your body for cupping, massaging, guasha, weight loss, etc, effectively helping in shaping your neck, arms, legs, back, abdomen, and lower & upper limbs, etc.



    • 1.Please put the sponge filter plug into the suction hole to prevent the essential oil or other massage product from entering the machine interior, which may cause damage and reduce lifespan.
    • 2.Do not stay in the same place for over 1 minute; And if you feel any discomfort, please stop using it continuously.
    • 3.People with skin allergies, pregnant women, heart attack patients, people suffering from abnormal blood pressure, malignant tumor, cerebrovascular disease, and people with foreign objects should avoid using this product.




    • Material: ABS
    • Shell Color: White & Gold(As Picture Shown)
    • Plug Type: US Plug/EU Plug(Optional)
    • Power: 20W
    • Input Voltage: 100V-240V
    • Working Voltage: 9V 1.5A
    • Negative Pressure Intensity Levels: 4 Levels
    • EMS Intensity Levels: 4 Levels
    • Heating Temperature: 50℃
    • Main Unit Length: 13cm
    • Main Unit Width(Max.): 9.5cm
    • Main Unit Height: 11.5cm
    • Massage Head Diameter: 7.5cm


    Dear customers, please pay attention to:

    ◆Plug-in model:

    It cannot store electrical energy and must be connected to a power source through a USB cable when working. First, connect one end of the USB cable to the mobile phone charger head and the other end to the device, and then connect the mobile phone charger head to the power source.

    ◆Rechargeable model : 

    It can store electricity, after fully charged, there is no need to connect the power when working.


    Package Included

    1* Cupping Device

    1* Power Adapter

    1* User Manual

    1* Acupuncture Point Chart

    1* Flexible Tube

    4* Sponge Filters

    2* Rubber Rings

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    Electric cupping therapy Massage device

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