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Jurassic World T. rex Breakout Blocks Toy Gifts

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    Grab your Discounted Jurassic World T. rex Breakout Blocks Toy Gifts. while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on. Once we reach 300-unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $120. This is absolutely a great gift!

    Jurassic World T. rex Breakout Blocks Toy Gifts

    Introduce your child to the thrill of building toy Juniors/4+ adventure! This thrilling 1T. rex Breakout dinosaur toy set features a posable, buildable T. rex with an opening mouth, 2 Starter Brick bases with a gate, a breakable fence and wall element, a small science station, and a truck with Starter Brick chassis. This Easy to Build a dinosaur toy includes a simple guide to build and play, to help build confidence in children. Includes Claire, guard and scientist mini-figures, a T. rex figure, and a baby dinosaur figure.

    • Includes 3 Minifigures: Claire, a guard, and a scientist, plus T. rex and baby dinosaur figures.
    • Features 2 Starter Brick bases (one with an opening gate and the other with a wall element), a movable robot arm, and an attached breakaway fence section, plus a small science station with case, screen, and small fenced area.
    • Also includes a truck with Starter Brick chassis, opening back, and room for a crate, plus a posable, buildable T. rex with an opening jaw.
    • Climb the ladder by the gate to look for the T. rex.
    • Lower the robot arm with the attached hot dog to distract the T. rex from the fence.
    • Load the baby dinosaur or the dinosaur egg in the crate into the back of the truck before the T. rex breaks through the gate.
    • Build and rebuild the fence after the T. rex knocks it down.
    • Accessory elements include 2 dinosaur eggs, a box, a tranquilizer gun, a stick, 2 walkie-talkies, and a hot dog.
    • Includes Easy to Build models with Starter Brick bases, plus a simple guide to get children to build and playing quickly.
    • T. rex measures over 4” (11cm) high, 11” (28cm) long, and 2” (6cm) wide.
    • Truck measures over 2” (6cm) high, 3” (9cm) long, and 1” (4cm) wide.
    • Main gate with fence measures over 5” (14cm) high, 8” (22cm) wide, and 4” (11cm) deep.
    • Science station measures over 2” (7cm) high, 3” (8cm) wide, and 1” (4cm) deep.
    • High-Quality unbranded building toys are compatible 75936 with all construction sets for creative building.



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    Customer Reviews

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    Colleen Branton

    My grandson loved this building block set. He challenges himself in how fast he can assemble. It took him about 2 Hours to put together! Definitely would recommend it.


    Love the set me and my son love building and playing with the Jurassic building block the most I tried to add a picture but website won't let me

    Alexander Sean Glynn

    This was my grandson 8th bday present and when he saw it he put down his electronic device and almost cried. He thanked me so much i almost cried lol! He wanted it so much! It goes with the smaller one i got him for Christmas. He loves it. He played with it for HOURS!

    guitar geek

    My parents bought this product for me for my birthday and I LOVE it. The Jurassic World T. Rex is really great; it's sturdy and has more detail that the original. The gyrosphere is basically like the ones from the original sets with a few alterations, but I still love it. The minifigures have excellent printing and are movie-accurate. In fact, you'll notice that Claire's shirt is different than the original minifigure. That's because the minifigure from this set is her before she gets ruffled up. The gyrosphere loading platform is great too.
    My favorite part of the set is probably the Jurassic World T. Rex and the Gyrosphere. GREAT SET!!!


    The set was exactly as described, and arrived undamaged, and still sealed. It shipped via us Postal service, which was extremely slow, but I will not hold that against this site as they shipped it quickly and was not their fault. Keep that in mind if you need it quickly though.

    Jurassic World T. rex Breakout Blocks Toy Gifts

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