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Long Range Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna For Urban & Rural Areas

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    Powerful long-range outdoor TV Antenna made for urban and rural areas.

    Our Tv antenna will improve the quality of grainy videos and reduce the amount of noise in your tv picture. This is the number one competitor for all traditional TV antennas and satellite dishes.

    Our TV antenna uses high-quality durable material to withstand all sorts of weather. This provides assurance that when our antenna is on the roof, it will be there all year. The antenna is water-resistant and durable to withstand the strongest winds, allowing a clear picture all day, every day.

    With a simple and sleek build, our TV antenna captures signals from 220 miles away. Imagine, a long-range signal of available channels with no extra cost. It also offers plug and play, which means easy to install and set up. Just connect the 33ft cable to your TV and enjoy your HD viewing.

    Only sold online at Fairview, no other retailers are reselling our product. 



    Durable & Powerful - Latest technology for clear picture and a durable base. You can receive signals in every direction up to a 990-mile range.

    Easy Setup - All components are included in the package. Simply install the amplified TV antenna on your roof, power supply, and your TV.


    • Material: Plastic & Aluminum
    • Cable Length: 33 FT (10m)
    • Frequency: 470-860MHz
    • Standing Wave Radio: <2
    • Impedance: 75Ω
    • Range: 990 Miles
    • Channel: UHF21-69 for Digital Signals
    • Dimensions: 27.5"(L) x 19.6"(W) x 26.0"(H)


    What's Included:

    1 x 220 Miles Long Range Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna For Rural Areas

    1 x Front of the Main Pole

    1 x Vibrator

    1 x Rear of the Main Pole

    1 x Matching Iron Clip

    1 x Cable

    2 x Notched Clips

    2 x Three-way Folders

    1 x Instruction Manual

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      Long Range Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna For Urban & Rural Areas

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