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Minecraft The Mountain Cave Building Kit (1310 Piece) 21137

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    Grab your Discounted Minecraft The Mountain Cave Building Kit (1310 Piece)  21137 while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on. Once we reach 300-unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $169. This is absolutely a great gift!
    • Features a minecart track with an integrated redstone-powered minecart elevator; 2 minecarts; first-night shelter with bed, crafting table and torch; a mountaintop shelter with bed, torch and furnace
    • Includes 2 minifigures: Steve and Alex, plus a cave spider, wolf, baby wolf, slime, 2 small slimes, 2 bats, zombie, enderman, skeleton, sheep and a charged Creeper
    • Accessory elements include a Minecraft clock, spider eyes, signs, map, golden armor, shield, TNT and 8 ore style elements, including diamond, lapis lazuli, emerald, redstone, golden, iron and 2 coal ores
    • Position the light brick to illuminate the rotating spider-spawner, wall of redstone, jack o’lantern, first-night-shelter, furnace, lava or the torch above the cave entrance
    • 1310+ pieces 
    • New in sealed bag
    • Compatible with all construction sets for creative building.
    • With manual/instructions


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews

    One of the better Minecraft sets. It has much more depth than many of the sets, giving you the feeling that you're truly building a part of a real world. It has more than enough pieces to recreate your own world, too, whether you use their suggested rebuilds (comes with instructions for those) or not. It's beautiful to look at, it comes with a great range of characters and animals, and for the current price urdailylife offering, it's a great deal. Unlike a previous reviewer had stated, I don't believe it's hard to put together at all. What's not to like?


    We love building block, and we love Minecraft; this set manages to make the best of both of these games! It was easy and fun for my 11 year old daughter to put together, and there were no hassles in construction. We especially love the fact that we get both Alex and Steve in this set, as well as the sheep, creeper, skeleton, and ocelot. There is a lot to do with this set, and it interacts very well with theothers. In addition, building block and Minecraft seem to go perefectly together, because they are both about building with imagination. I love it!


    Price beat out all stores and it was so much fun for parents and child to put together. building block is a classic and Minecraft is just da bomb. Put them together and you have a definite hit in your house. We sure did!


    This is an incredibly detailed, incredibly fun set! The floor trap is genius, and has led to a LOT of hours of play for my son. It says age 8+ though if this is for a child who's good with building block, I don't think you need to wait that long. We gifted this set to my son for his 5th birthday, and he needed some help building it, but mostly only when there were big or long pieces with a lot of "dots" on them.


    If you're like me and have a child who is obsessed with everything minecraft, get this. Your child will "love you forever" as they've probably already told you a crap ton of times! However, if your child is young you can expect a billion fake promises to not destroy this item after you and him (mostly you) spend countless time putting this together...only for it to be completely torn apart in a matter of days. And better yet, mixed in with the billion other building block, only for him to then ask for a different minecraft building block set. This is a never ending cycle. I swear. Thank goodness for urdailylife and grandparents because my wallet can't handle the wrath of a 5 year old obsessed with Minecraft everything and super cute face!

    So while the latter part is not much of a review for this product as it is for small children, this is a great building block set and the price is pretty much what you'd find elsewhere. But, grandparents can easily buy on urdailylife and have these small weapons delivered right to your front porch. :) Shipping was quick and all items were present.

    Minecraft The Mountain Cave Building Kit (1310 Piece) 21137

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