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Octonauts Narwhal Boat Gup-s Building Blocks Toy Set

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    Octonauts Narwhal Boat GUP-S Building Blocks Toy Set

    Grab your Discounted Octonauts Narwhal Boat GUP-S Building Blocks Toy Set while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on. Once we reach 300-unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $84. This is absolutely a great gift!

    Snow breaks the ice, the polar exploration is the best equipment in the ice and snow, you can dive to break the ice, and perform the polar adventure rescue mission. Open the curved hatch and take the submarine to set off. The doors on both sides are opened and the teammates are used to perform the task. The rear wheel of the track is fitted with a sled and the ice is smooth.

    Product Features:

    • Open the arcuate cover, get on and start.
    • Open the side doors to pick up the brothers and perform the task.
    • The crawler rear wheel is equipped with a sled available on ice.
    • This set is compatible with brand bricks and contains over 275 pieces.


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    Customer Reviews

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    Larry Smickelton III

    My daughter loves Octonauts so had to get this for her. All and all a solid toy with a few accessories like a net, arm, fish, crab, and a captain barnacle figure. The sub is neat, built well, and has room to spare for her extra figures inside the cockpit and the cargo area. The front windshield stays on well but pops off if bent too far, which is a nice touch instead of it breaking at the hinge. You can wind the toy up by the prop for use on the floor with the wheel/paddle combo underneath or in the bathtub but honestly that feature doesn't work too well in either instance. It also seems to dry out fairly quickly when wet in the tub so that's a bonus for it.


    The Gup was our first Octonauts purchase and we are very happy with it. My 4 year old loves playing with it. I adore that in the bathtub it drains well--no leftover water sploshing around inside to get moldy! The front and back open up so there is lots of room to pretend play with Capt. Barnacles. Some of the others Gups don't have a lot of space inside the ship, so I'm happy we got this one. The little fish that comes with the set is adorable, but we never use the net and hook. The pull-back motor system hasn't worked very well for us, but that is not important to my son.

    Teacher Mom

    I purchased this for my son's 4th birthday, along with the Octoport playset. My other 2 year old son LOVES the Gup and wakes up asking for the toy. The front plastic "glass" for the submarine comes off easily, however, it snaps back on very easily too. You can wind up the propellor for forward movement, but the floor must be VERY smooth, or there will not be any movement. The yellow net accessory is somewhat useless. On the box it pictures Captain Barnacles pulling in an angler fish, but the hook is not proportional to the net. The toy does NOT require batteries, which I like, however I was disappointed that the "GUP" label does not appear on the toy as seen in the show.
    Overall, my two sons love this toy, and I wished I had ordered two of them.


    This version comes with Chinese written on the box along with English. So it's probably not the original version. It seems to be decent enough quality. My kids are thrilled to have Octonaut toys. I'm thrilled to have some that aren't super expensive.

    Melissa G.

    Granted, my son loves his Gup and his opinion is the one that really matters in the end, but I don't think it's all that wonderful. The windshield piece falls off all the time and the hatch doesn't stay shut well in water. It says it comes with a seaweed mustache, but unless I accidently threw it out with the box, I didn't get one. Also, this doesn't happen: "In water, crank the propeller and watch the vehicle glide across the tub." The Gup will not do any gliding in water. But like I said, my kid likes it, so I'd call it a successful purchase.

    Octonauts Narwhal Boat Gup-s Building Blocks Toy Set

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