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Portable Chainsaw Mill 18-48"

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    Thanks to our powerful chainsaws, we are able to cut uniform wood panels in the most efficient way possible. You won't have to worry about the human error that can lead to uneven woodcutting, with our hand saw.

    The hand saw's sturdy construction makes it ideal for guiding your powerful saw through large hardwood logs. Chainsaws are quite difficult and using a chainsaw without a chainsaw can be difficult for both novice and professional loggers.

    Plus, the hand saw can be attached directly to your saw bar for added convenience. This ensures that your saw does not fall while cutting large pieces of wood.

    Even better, the home sawmill leaves planks of wood with a smooth surface, making them suitable for use in construction, furniture, and other woodworking projects.

    Using the chainsaw as a guide, you can cut large logs with ease and fun.


    The height of our hand chain saw can be varied to produce different-sized wood panels. It can easily produce boards up to half an inch thin and up to 13 inches thick.

    Mobility: Cutting wood in remote places doesn't matter with the portability of the hand saw. Despite its sturdy construction, the saw can be dismantled and transported without any problems.

    Versatile: The portable saw's versatile design allows it to be used by many woodworkers, regardless of skill level. Not only that, the Home Band Saw can easily navigate bar length saws up to 48 inches through heavy wood.


    Suitable for: Chainsaws with a bar length between 18" and 48"

    Material: Aluminum + Steel


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    Portable Chainsaw Mill 18-48"

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