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Premium Led Flashlight Gloves

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    2 Pair of Premium LED Flashlight Gloves

    ✔️   Adequate LED Light
    ✔️   User-Friendly   
    ✔️   Portable & Easy To Wear
    ✔️   Premium Material With Waterproof Fabrics 
    ✔️   Powered By 2 Button Batteries
    ✔️   Long-Lasting Battery Life
    ✔️   Wide Variety of Use

    Light Source Literally at Your Fingertip
    Achieve Brightness In The Hard-To-Reach Areas 

    We've all experienced the difficulties of working in the dark, but attempting to do it while using only one hand is far more demanding. Now, you no longer have to hold a torchlight in one hand to complete your task, allowing you to operate more efficiently with both hands. 

    Premium LED Flashlight Gloves are useful for working in areas where lighting is a problem, such as under sinks, inside engines, or other such environments where usually, one would need someone to hold a light.

    Holding a flashlight for someone at an awkward angle is exhausting, and nobody likes doing it, meaning these can be a great help in many cases. Additionally, they’re also ideal for emergencies, as the light they produce can be used to signal help or redirect traffic in an accident. Campers and fishermen will also find them useful for nocturnal activities, as the light they emit is more focused and does not scare away wildlife.

    These Premium LED Flashlight Gloves are what you need if you require lighting but do not want to give up the use of your hands.

    Premium LED Flashlight Gloves Superior Features:

    ✔️   Adequate LED Light 

    Premium LED Flashlight Gloves
     feature two LEDs on the index fingers and thumbs. It delivers sufficient light to allow you to do your tasks comfortably at night without scaring away wildlife.

    ✔️   User-Friendly

    The Premium LED Flashlight Gloves included an on/off button and two LED lamp beads to make your job simpler. Ideal for a fishing enthusiast, gadget lover, handyman, plumber, camping and outdoor jobs, and so forth.

    ✔️   Portable & Easy To Wear

    Because it could be worn on the hands, you won't have to carry about a bulky flashlight. They're lightweight and portable, making them ideal for travel. Fishing, gardening, camping, and outdoor activities are great uses for this tool.

    ✔️  Premium Material With Waterproof Fabrics

    High-quality cotton has been used to make the Premium LED Flashlight Gloves. Its breathable material makes it extremely comfortable and soft. Additionally, it is perfect for plumbers to use when repairing sinks and for fishers to utilize when fishing. Water splashing isn't an issue.

    ✔️  Powered By 2 Button Batteries 

    It's powered by two CR2016 button batteries and is pre-installed in the gloves. Alternatively, you may easily change it with a screwdriver.

    ✔️   Long-Lasting Battery Life

    Premium LED Flashlight Gloves have 30-hour battery life and can replace with new CR2016 batteries that last 160 hours of continuous use.

    ✔️   Wide Variety Of Use

    It is intended to make discovering, repairing, and wiring in the dark easier than ever before. Ideal for a fishing enthusiast, gadget enthusiast, handyman, plumber, camping and outdoor work, and so forth.

    Product Specifications:

    Product Name: Premium LED Flashlight Gloves
    Product Material: Spandex Fabric (Elastic Material), ABS, LED Light Components, & Waterproof Fabric
    Product Size: One Size Fits All
    Product Weight: 29gram 
    Product Color: Black
    Product Lightning Color: White
    Battery Required: 2* CR2016 Batteries 

    Product Specific Size:

    Forefinger: About 4.5cm
    Thumb: About 3.5cm 
    Distance Between Forefinger & Thumb: About 7cm

    Package Included:

    2 Pair of Premium LED Flashlight Gloves (left & right hand)

    How To Use?

    1. Place your thumb and index finger inside the glove.

    2. Wrap the strap over your wrist and fasten the hook and loop closure.

    3. To switch on/off the light, push the button on the top of the battery compartment.

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    Premium Led Flashlight Gloves

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