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Proper Air Jet Series-1 Infrared Heater And Cooler Fan ,1500 Watt, Portable

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    World Class Heater

    The Proper Air Jet Series-1 Infrared Space Heater & Cooler heats better, faster, saves more on heating bills & runs almost on silent with its breakthrough circular copper heating element. During the winter, warm your entire home with the super smooth heat flow coming from a 1500W PTC (Positive Thermal Coefficient) Infrared heater. During the summer, cool the same space with a powerful bladeless cooling fan that thrusts directed air for circulation throughout the room. All while saving money compared to traditional methods.

     Heats AND Cools 1,000 sq. ft.+

    • SAVE 85% in Energy with the DC Motor

     SAVE up to 42% off your heating bills

    • Uses less energy than a coffee maker

    • Uses Infrared Copper PTC Heater Element • Inspired by Jet Engine Technology

    • Zero Heating Bulbs to Burn Out

    • 365 Day Relief • Heavenly Heat in the Winter • Crisp Cool Air in the Summer

    The mixed jet engine technology (tested airflow up to 33.2 ft+) with infrared heating gives your home the most cost-effective & safest heater that warms 1,000 sq ft+ without drying out the air and improving your overall health.


    • 100% Safe Around Children & Pets • Overheat Protection • Tip-Over Protection
    • LED Touchpad Panel to adjust temperature from 40-90 degrees
    • Long-range remote to control the machine from anywhere you want
    • Bladeless turbine fan - You can touch it with absolutely zero danger 
    • Enhanced Oscillation & Tilt to send air into any corner of the room
    • Reusable Air Filter to trap particles + easy to open up and clean
    • Built-in thermometer sensors designed to shut off the machine when the desired temperature is reached & turn back on when it gets below it. Wasting zero energy and saving you money


    • HIGH HEAT - Best for warming large spaces
    • LOW HEAT - Comfortable, cozy, and quiet
    • FAST FAN - Circulates the air for a crisp and refreshingly cool
    • LOW FAN - Smooth, cool, and quiet 
    • SLEEP MODE - Dims the fanlight and eliminates all noise in the Air Jet Fan


    • Safe heating with no toxic emissions

    • Breathe better as our infrared heat keeps moisture & oxygen in the air suited for individuals with asthma and allergies

    • Improves blood circulation, and helps soothe aches from arthritis & other injuries

    The Air Jet Series-1 uses up to 57% less energy and since it doesn't impact the air it reduces heat loss transfer by 20% & doesn't swirl up dust or impact the humidity in the air leaving your room clean, comfortable & healthy.


    Our advanced infrared technology in the Air Jet Series-1 heater & cooler fan uses the same concept as the sun. It radiates infrared heat resulting in primarily heating humans and objects, Not just the air. Most heaters heat just the air, resulting in an ineffective heater & wasting energy. 

      How It Works:

      1.  Electricity ignites the powerful copper circular element

      2. Infrared heat without combustion gently warms the cured copper to create energized soft heat

      3. The Soft Heat rides the humidity in the room and provides moist, soft heat ceiling to floor, wall to wall without reducing oxygen or humidity 

      The Proper Air Jet Series-1 Heater & Cooler Fan goes through a 500 step manufacturing process testing materials and functionality that is proven to relieve you from discomfort and your bills 365 days a year.


      Item Details:

      • Dimensions: 11.5" H x 11.5" D x 10.5" W

      • 900 Watts on low and 1500 watts on High

      • 10 Fan speed levels

      • Temperature Settings: 40 - 90 Degrees 

      • Touch Pad Panel & Personal Remote

      • ETL Listed

      • Cord 6 feet long

      • Weight of Product: 7.8 lbs.

      • 1-Year Warranty Included

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      Proper Air Jet Series-1 Infrared Heater And Cooler Fan ,1500 Watt, Portable

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