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Smart Therapy Massage Cupping

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    Smart Therapy Massage Cupping Led Screen 12 Levels


    [Negative Pressure Gravitation] Provide powerful sucking to your skin and adipose tissue to active lymph detoxification function and enhance blood circulation with scraping effect.
    [Thermal Energy] Proliferate the dermal collagen by thermal effects and relax your nerves and release pressure by delivering continuous heat.
    [Magnetic Wave Therapy] Eliminate inflammation and swelling to relieve your body fatigue and promote physical recovery.
    [Simple Operation] Quick access to button control and direct display indication on the panel, convenient to monitor the working status and instantly power on/off, adjust heating temperature or negative pressure intensity levels and set the time.
    [Easy Grips] Ergonomic handle allows for secure and energy saving holding comfort even after long time using.
    [Multipurpose Applications] Can be widely used on your body for cupping, massaging, guasha, weight loss, etc, effectively helping in shaping your neck, arms, legs, back, abdomen and lower & upper limbs, etc.
    Preparation before use

    1. Please read the safety precautions carefully when using this product. If it does not meet the use conditions, this produict is disabled Product.
    2. It is recommended to clean and moisturize the skin with a wet towel or spray to improve the sense of use experience.
    3. Tighten and install the transparent tank (wipe the instrument with wet towel before and after use).
    4. Check whether the instrument is complete and normal.

    Power / mode

    1. Press and hold for 1.5 seconds to start the machine, the LCD displays the 20 minute countdown, and the temperature indicator lights up. The machine is equipped with 20 minute timing and automatically shuts down after 20 minutes)
    2. Press and hold for 1.5 seconds to shut down, and the LCD and temperature indicator will go out.
    3. In the power on state, short press to change the mode. The machine has two modes, deep negative pressure mode and soothing mode Breathing pattern.
    4. The default startup mode is deep negative pressure mode, and the

    negative pressure function and heating function are automatically turned on.

    Suction strength

    1. The power on defaults to the third gear strength.
    2. Short press to adjust the suction strength (DS-A21 and DS-A22 have 0-6 gears, DS- A23 has 0-12 gears, 0Gear is off (negative pressure function)
    3. Each short press will increase 1 gear upward, and the LCD will display the : corresponding strength gear, after 1 secondRe display the 20 minute countdown.
    4. When the intensity reaches the highest gear, short press again to return to gear 0 and turn off the negative pressure function.
    5. It is recommended to use it from gear 1 for the first time or when the skin is not adapted.

    Temperature control

    1. The default 3-gear temperature is started, the red light at the bottom is turned on, and the temperature can be adjusted by short press (DS-A21, DS-A22There are 0-6 gears, DS-A23 has 0-12 gears, and 0 gear is to turn off the heating function).
    2. When the temperature of DS-A23 reaches the ninth gear, the color of the temperature indicator starts to change into a colorful ight and flashes,The higher the temperature, the faster the change speed of the colorful lamp.
    3. When the temperature reaches the highest gear, short press again to turn off the heating function (gear 0), and the temperature indicator goes out,The red light at the bottom goes out.
    Pressure relief / pause
    DS- A21 and DS- A22 models: during cupping, if you want to stop working,briefly press this key to pauseWork and enter standby mode.
    DS-A23: during cupping, if you want to stop or remove the product, briefly press this key to pause cuppingThe tank adsorption function and pressure relief can easily lift the tank and enter the standby state.

    1. When using this machine with liquid peripheral products such as essential oil, please be sure to keep the essential oil on the skin After the skin surface is evenly coated and there is no obvious liquid, adsorb the machine to the required position.

    2. The machine is designed with a filter device, which can filter out most of the particles in the process of product useOr liquid impurities to protect the internal cleaning of the fuselage and maintain the service life of the product. Please use it according to your personal needs Frequency, check and replace the filter cotton regularly.

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    Smart Therapy Massage Cupping
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